Find open data

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turned on black and grey laptop computer

An open portal to 14340 datasets throughout NSW State Government

Boom Supersonic

Natali Milovanovic

jet fighter creating sonic boom over the sea with ships

Boom Overture jets capable of travelling twice as fast as modern airliners

Sony’s in-car lip reading technology

Natali Milovanovic

At CES 2021 Sony North America demonstrated new lip reading technology it’s developing for cars to enhance voice recognition

Rome airport displays ‘flying taxi’ prototype

Natali Milovanovic

A prototype of German aviation startup Volocopter’s electrical air taxi went on display at Rome’s Fiumicino airport, as the airport looks ahead to 2024 when they hope the public will be able to travel on the battery-powered passenger aircraft.

Electric vertical take-off/landing air taxi revealed

Natali Milovanovic

black plane

An idea hatched to reduce urban traffic congestion and carbon emissions has taken flight, with the unveiling of the Maker electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft by startup Archer Aviation.