Suggested time: 30 min.

Some of the best ideas are a few smaller ideas blended together.

You have lots of different ideas. Let’s see if there are any connections. Sometimes, two average ideas can combine together to make one great idea!


Sticky notes

A lot of them!

A timer for the class

Any kind of timer will do. Better if it’s visible.

Markers, texters or pens

One per person

Large sheets of paper

(A3/A2 or similar) or plenty of writable wall space.

Follow these steps


Step 1: Review

Read all of your team’s ideas.


Step 2: Mix and match

Move ideas together in different ways. Mix and match them. You may find that many of your ideas have similarities. Bring your individual ideas into a combined solution.


Step 3: Discuss combinations

Discuss each move that a group member makes to an idea. Why do certain ideas go together or apart?


Step 4: Copy

Make a copy of an idea if you would like to see it in two places. Stop when your team is happy with the result and you have a few good ideas to take forward.

Talk it out with your fellow designers