Suggested time: 30 min.

Getting your team organised is one of the best ways to engineer your project’s success.

You’re going to create a plan to define each team member’s roles and work out the resources you’ll be needing to complete your project. You’ll record important dates, work out times to meet and follow the progress of your development.


Paper, pen and pencils

Follow these steps


Step 1: Roles

Discuss the roles of each team member. This isn’t necessary but you may like to give each person a scope such as graphic design or coding or more managerial roles such as timekeeper, resource manager, etc.


Step 2: Resources

Decide on every resource that is required. Check that they will be available when you need them. Do what you need to do to source them.


Step 3: Complete template

Complete all sections of the plan template as a team. This will ensure you’re all 'on the same page'.


Step 4: Schedule

Record any dates that items or tasks are due. These are the main dates you will be working towards. Record dates you will meet to work and when you will discuss your progress.


Step 5: Milestones

Discuss what milestones will help your team account for progress (e.g. “We want to have all of our graphics finished by 31st March”). Record these milestones.


Step 7: Progress

Discuss your progress during each progress meeting using your plan. If you need to make changes, discuss why.

Talk it out with your fellow designers