Suggested time: 30 min.

Brainstorm lots of ideas to answer your challenge question.

Now that you have a challenge question as your goal, you need to come up with a solution to answer it. In fact, many alternative solutions.

You are going to brainstorm as many different ideas as possible.

Big, wild, far-out ideas!


Sticky notes

A lot of them!

A timer for the class

Any kind of timer will do. Better if it’s visible.

Markers, texters or pens

One per person

Large sheets of paper

(A3/A2 or similar) or plenty of writable wall space.

Follow these steps


Step 1: Prepare

Write your challenge question in the middle of a big sheet of paper. Set the timer for 10 minutes.


Step 2: Ideate

Think of an idea that might answer the challenge question. Write it on a sticky note. Slap it on the big sheet of paper. Don’t judge it. Don’t talk about it.


Step 3: Repeat

Do it again. Don’t question your ideas. Just write them!


Step 4: Build on ideas. Don't judge.

No idea is too outrageous or useless. It’s okay to build your idea on a team member’s idea but don’t discuss anything just yet. Just write!


Step 5: Review

Once the timer stops, put your texters down. Read all of your team’s ideas.

Talk it out with your fellow designers