Rapid build

Suggested time: 60 min.

Build a quick and simple prototype to evaluate an idea. Fail fast, learn and repeat.

Create a model of your product or service. It doesn’t have to 'work' but to allow someone to roleplay the steps of using it. This is a great activity to do if your innovation is something tactile or 'hands-on'.


Whatever bits and pieces are available

Pens, pencils, paper, cardboard, straws, tape, etc.

Follow these steps


Step 1: Start!

Start building! Use whatever you have to build a quick model of your project.


Step 2: Features and functions

Consider what features and functions your product or service will include. Decide on the top five and forget the rest.


Step 3: Feedback

Ask other people to engage with your model. Make improvements or start again. Fail fast, learn and repeat.

Talk it out with your fellow designers