Elevator pitch

Suggested time: 60 min.

You can craft the right thing to say when someone asks you about your innovation.

What if you only have a few moments to spark someone’s interest in your product or service, say the time it takes to ride with them in an elevator?

Having a brief, persuasive speech ready to go can make sure what you share is memorable and tells what is unique about your product. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than 15 to 40 seconds.


Pen and paper

Elevator pitch proforma

Follow these steps


Step 1: Explain

Explain what your product or service does. Focus on the problems it solves and how it helps people.


Step 2: Facts

Add a small fact or statistic from your research if it helps here.


Step 3: Uniqueness

Identify what makes your product or service unique.


Step 4: Engage

Prepare an open question to engage your audience and involve them in the conversation. A good question will have them consider your idea as a possible solution for them.


Step 5: Practise

Practise your pitch in front of the mirror and to other people. Make sure it excites you. They might not remember the content but they’ll remember your passion.

Talk it out with your fellow designers