Download what you know

Suggested time: 30 min.

Share what you know as a team by 'downloading' it onto paper.

You’re going to use a hexagon for each thought or problem that you download. Hexagons are great for showing themes and concepts because they can connect in so many different ways. Just as thoughts connect in our heads, you can physically connect your team's thoughts with hexagons.


Sticky notes

A lot of them!

A timer for the class

Any kind of timer will do. Better if it’s visible.

Markers, texters or pens

One per person

Large sheets of paper

(A3/A2 or similar) or plenty of writable wall space.

Hexagonal sticky notes templates

Follow these steps


Step 1: Prepare

Before you begin, prepare sticky hexagons using the Hexagonal sticky note template. Set the class timer for 5 minutes.


Step 2: Begin

Think of one fact, issue, problem or piece of information from your context. Write it on a hexagon.


Step 3: Continue

Write another on a hexagon. Keep going and flowing!


Step 4: Read team's hexagons

When the timer goes, read your whole team's hexagons.


Step 5: Set timer

Set the class timer for another 5 minutes.


Step 6: Arrange

Place your hexagons on the large sheet of paper.


Step 7: Connect concepts

As a team, connect two hexagons that you think are related. Now connect other hexagons.


Step 8: Discuss connections

Discuss each connection or change you make. You can connect hexagons as chains, trees, star formations or blobs! Think of your separate collections as “themes”.

Talk it out with your fellow designers