Suggested time: 30 min.

You’ll need to learn a lot of new skills if you’re going to design a great product or service.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much experience you have, there’s always more to learn! It’s time to decide what the team needs to learn to be able to develop this project.


Paper, pen and pencils

Follow these steps


Step 1: Discuss

Discuss what your team needs to learn to be able to complete your project. Consider technology platforms and skills.


Step 2: Divide

Decide on who will learn what by splitting these skills up across your group. Consider each person’s interests and skills.


Step 3: Record

Record what each person will learn and what they will use to learn it (e.g. books, websites, courses, tutorials). Be specific and make sure these resources are available. Ask people who know and consult the internet.

Talk it out with your fellow designers