Suggested time: 90 min.

Getting feedback from real users is the best way to improve your product or service.

Who are the users of your innovation? These are the people who can best test your device and give you feedback. You’re going to get them to use your prototype while you observe them and ask them questions. This feedback will become very useful in improving your innovative design.


Test questions sheet

Pen or pencils

Follow these steps


Step 1: Discuss

Discuss what you would most like to know from your testers. Try to be specific, e.g. Do you want to see if they can easily use your menu system or if they can get the speech recogniser to work properly?


Step 2: Questions

Decide which questions you will ask your testers. Write them down.


Step 3: Interactions

Decide on how your tester will interact with your prototype. How will you give them the fullest possible experience of what your design will be? (e.g. by 'voicing' what your robot would answer with). Write these down.


Step 4: Observe

Observe each tester as they use your prototype. Write down each observation.


Step 5: Interview

Ask your testers the prepared questions. Write down their answers or record them with a voice or video recorder.

Talk it out with your fellow designers