Find the question

Suggested time: 45 min.

Finding the right question is often more important than the answer.

If you’re going to create a great solution you first need to ask the right question. The right question will challenge you to think up big ideas. The words 'How might we…' challenge us to think big with open minds and to consider many possibilities.

Here is what you'll need

Challenge question worksheet

Pencil and eraser

Follow these steps


Step 1: Discuss

Discuss the themes from your hexagonal download. What were your team's most important thoughts? They’re probably the most connected hexagons.


Step 2: Form challenge questions

Write three possible challenge questions on the worksheet. Include the most important thoughts from your hexagons. A good challenge question won’t be too broad or too narrow.


Step 3: Decide

Decide on the best challenge question or combine elements of each and write it down. Your challenge question will guide your design and development from now on. Your team will keep on coming back to it to remind you of why you’re designing what you are!

Talk it out with your fellow designers