Sniff test

Suggested time: 30 min.

The sniff test helps you decide which of your ideas to proceed with.

It’s time to engage in some critical and forward thinking. Up until now, you’ve been coming up with big ideas without considering how possible it will be to develop them. The aim now is to consider your time and resources and decide what idea to take forward while leaving the rest on the drawing board.


Pencil and eraser

Sticky notes ideas

Your most promising ideas on sticky notes

Sniff Test Proforma

Follow these steps


Step 1: Choose

Choose your 3 most promising ideas or idea combinations. If you prefer, choose your top 6 and use two pages.


Step 2: Set up

Place the sticky notes of your team’s top ideas in the idea column or write them out.


Step 3: Discuss

Discuss how useful, achievable and innovative each idea is in solving the challenge question.


Step 4: Score

Score each idea out of 5 for each of the three criteria. Tally each idea’s score. The highest scoring idea is probably the one to take forward!


Step 5: Decide

Decide on the one idea to take forward. You’re going to leave the rest on the drawing board! We’re going to move forward now with our innovative yet plausible idea.

Talk it out with your fellow designers