Suggested time: 90 min.

Storyboards are like comics that describe a narrative of how your project works.

Create a storyboard of what your innovation will do. Show how people will interact with it or how it will interact with the environment.


Storyboard template

Pencil and eraser

Follow these steps


Step 1: User interactions

Discuss how a user will interact with your project. What are the main things that they will do to use it? For each action, how will your project respond?


Step 2: Sketch

Draw a quick sketch of each action. Storyboards work best when they are a sequence of events. Try to show a story of how someone would use your innovation. Focus on the user’s experience by including the actions they take and how your project responds to a need.


Step 3: Describe

Describe each sketch using the lines provided.


Step 4: Relax

Remember, your drawings don’t have to be a visual masterpiece!


Step 5: Act

Act out the storyboard with your team and other people. Ask them for feedback and make changes if you need to.

Talk it out with your fellow designers