Sniff test

HomeBrainstormSniff testSuggested time: 30 min.The sniff test helps you decide which of your ideas to proceed with.It’s time to engage in some critical and forward thinking. Up until now, you’ve been coming up with big ideas without considering how possible it will be to develop them. The aim now is to consider your time and resources and decide what idea … Read More


HomeBrainstormCombineSuggested time: 30 min.Some of the best ideas are a few smaller ideas blended together.You have lots of different ideas. Let’s see if there are any connections. Sometimes, two average ideas can combine together to make one great idea!Resources Sticky notesA lot of them!A timer for the classAny kind of timer will do. Better if it’s visible.Markers, texters or pensOne … Read More


HomeBrainstormIdeateSuggested time: 30 min.Brainstorm lots of ideas to answer your challenge question.Now that you have a challenge question as your goal, you need to come up with a solution to answer it. In fact, many alternative solutions. You are going to brainstorm as many different ideas as possible. Big, wild, far-out ideas!Resources Sticky notesA lot of them!A timer for the … Read More