HomePrototypeTestSuggested time: 90 min.Getting feedback from real users is the best way to improve your product or service.Who are the users of your innovation? These are the people who can best test your device and give you feedback. You’re going to get them to use your prototype while you observe them and ask them questions. This feedback will become very … Read More


HomePrototypeWireframeSuggested time: 60 min.Wireframing is sketching the layout of a user interface design.Your design might have a user interface (UI) on a screen, such as a website or mobile app. When we wireframe, we draw sketches of the pages that will be shown to other designers and testers. Our wireframe is a prototype, so we want to be able to … Read More


HomePrototypeStoryboardSuggested time: 90 min.Storyboards are like comics that describe a narrative of how your project works.Create a storyboard of what your innovation will do. Show how people will interact with it or how it will interact with the environment.Resources Storyboard templatePencil and eraser Follow these stepsStep 1: User interactions Discuss how a user will interact with your project. What are … Read More

Rapid build

HomePrototypeRapid buildSuggested time: 60 min.Build a quick and simple prototype to evaluate an idea. Fail fast, learn and repeat.Create a model of your product or service. It doesn’t have to ‘work’ but to allow someone to roleplay the steps of using it. This is a great activity to do if your innovation is something tactile or ‘hands-on’.Resources Whatever bits and … Read More


HomePrototypeLearnSuggested time: 30 min.You’ll need to learn a lot of new skills if you’re going to design a great product or service.It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much experience you have, there’s always more to learn! It’s time to decide what the team needs to learn to be able to develop this project.Resources Paper, pen and pencils … Read More


HomePrototypePlanSuggested time: 30 min.Getting your team organised is one of the best ways to engineer your project’s success.You’re going to create a plan to define each team member’s roles and work out the resources you’ll be needing to complete your project. You’ll record important dates, work out times to meet and follow the progress of your development.Resources Paper, pen and … Read More